Think outside the hospital

Our comprehensive approach to care targets your most costly and complex patients and is proven to dramatically enhance quality of life, minimize hospitalizations, and cut total care costs by over 50 percent.


Patient Satisfaction


Less Hospital Admissions


Reduction in Total Cost

The difference between stable enough to go home and stable enough to stay home.

Advanced chronic conditions can leave patients struggling with unmet needs and contribute to poor clinical and financial outcomes. Our continuum of care stabilizes these patients, empowering them to break free from the relentless cycle of hospital admissions and reclaim their quality of life. 

Break the Cycle Between Hospital and Home

For Payors

Significantly reduce Part A expenses
Improve STAR ratings
Prevent avoidable hospital admissions
Substantially decrease overall medical costs

For Physician Groups

Multispecialty care teams for polychronic patients
Improve clinical and financial outcomes 
Prevent avoidable hospital admissions
Improve patient & caregiver satisfaction


What Makes Us Unlike Any Other

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Care For Your Most Complex, Chronic Patients

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A Highly Coordinated Multidisciplinary, Physician-Led Care Team

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Cutting-Edge Technology Paired with Evidence-Based Protocols

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Extensive Training That Turns Caregivers into Care Team Members

Our Impact


Reduction of MACE
(Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events)


Reduction in Hospital Readmissions


Shorter Length of Hospital Stay


Reduction in Hospital Costs

Keep Patients Out of the Hospital


How We Transform Care

Turn Caregivers into Informed Participants in Care

Improve Quality of Life for Patients

Minimize the Risk of Hospital-Acquired Infection (HAI)

Lower Instances of Hospital Readmission

Improve Patient Outcomes

Reduce the Total Cost of Care

Our Approach

Our core process revolves around combining advanced monitoring technology with evidence-based protocols to make informed decisions about a patient’s care.

  • Step 1:  Novolink installs hospital-grade monitoring technology in the patient's home. This technology is programmed according to the exact needs of the patient to ensure the highest quality and relevancy of data.
  • Step 2: Our system monitors the patient’s real-time data stream 24/7. Any deviation from their established baseline triggers an immediate response from our experts.
  • Step 3: Advanced technology plays a crucial role, but our multi-specialty team of physicians is the crux of our care, providing human oversight and clinical expertise in making critical decisions about patient care.

  • Step 4: For our partners, Novolink goes beyond individualized patient care. We provide monthly dashboards featuring key metrics such as hospital visit reductions and positive patient outcomes.